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Diploma in Early Child Care & Education

Damansara Damai:
MOHE Reference Number: KPT(JPS)600-03/958(18)
MQA Reference Number: A7116

Bukit Merah:
MOHE Reference Number: A/4/P/3023
MQA Reference Number: PA 2154

This diploma is designed for students with an interest in the psychology and sociology of early childhood. The course provides a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical component of early child care and education. Therefore, the learning outcomes aims to provide students with an understanding of a wide range of topics such as curriculum design and assessment, play in early years, health, safety and nutrition, teaching skills, management and leadership skills to run and manage an early child care and education programme. Besides, students will also gain an awareness of the cognitive, physical development, social emotion, creativity, language and aesthetics of young children.

Teaching and Learning Methodology

Classes will always remain small to ensure effective teaching and learning. The teaching methodology covers lecture, tutorial, role-play, presentation, field work, case study and integrated skills through excursions.

Course Duration

Full Time- 30 months

  • KOHORT A (Monday- Friday)
  • KOHORT B (Friday- Sunday)

Entrance Requirements

  • SPM/SPMV (with a minimum of 3 credits)
  • Other equivalent qualifications


  • April and September

Course Pathway

Upon completion of the course, students have the opportunity to further study their degree in childhood development at any local or international universities.

With this qualification, students may seek for rapid career advancement within the early childhood industry such as early child care educator, manager of a child care centre, trained professional in various agencies that offer services for children and families.

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Program Offered

Diploma courses consist of:

  1. MQA Subject: 3
  2. Core Major Subject: 12
  3. Basic Major Subject: 11
  4. Elective Major: 1 + 1
  5. Practical: 8 weeks ( 4 weeks for Taska + 4 weeks for Tadika)
Mata Pelajaran Kod
Bahasa Kebangsaan MPW 1113
Pengajian Malaysia MPW 1133
Pengajian Islam (pelajar Muslim) MPW 1143
Pendidikan Moral (pelajar Non-Muslim) MPW 1153
Perundangan dlm Pengasuhan & PAK DTM 200
Kemahiran Berfikir DTM 201
English for Oral and Written Communication Skill DTM 202
Asas ICT dan Pengurusan Sumber PAK DTM 203
Bina Insan Guru DTM 204
Falsafah Pendidikan Dan PAK DTM 300
Pedagogi Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak DTM 301
Perkembangan Kanak-Kanak DTM 302
Bimbingan Dan Kaunseling Untuk PAK DTM 303
Pemerhatian Dan Penilaian PAK DTM 304
Sosiologi Untuk Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak DTM 305
Pendidikan Khas utk Kanak-Kanak Istimewa DTM 306
Pengurusan Dan Pentadbiran Pusat PAK DAM 401
Perkembangan Sosio-Emosi Knk2 Untuk PAK DAM 402
Perkembangan Kerohanian (PI / M) DAM 403
Perkembangan Fizikal Dalam PAK DAM 404
Kemahiran Komunikasi Dan Literasi (BM) DAM 405
Kemahiran Komunikasi Dan Literasi (BI) DAM 406
Awal Sains Dalam PAK DAM 407
Awal Matematik Dalam PAK DAM 408
Muzik Dalam PAK DAM 409
Seni dan Kraf dalam PAK DAM 410
Perkongsian Ibu Bapa dalam PAK DAM 411
Pengurusan Keselamatan & Kesihatan Kanak2 DEM 501
Amalan Makan dan Pemakanan Awal Kanak2 DEM 502
Main Dalam Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak DEM 503
Asas Pendidikan Keusahawanan DEM 504
Latihan Praktikum DPR 001