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We believe in the importance of teacher training in nurturing future leaders with character and competency.

Being the only private instituition of higher learning that focuses in the field of Early Childcare Education, we at KPAKK have our own formula in teacher training through our homegrown quality curriculum that encompasses theory, hands-on and field work.

What Our Students Say?

“Jutaan terima kasih kepada pihak KPAKK yang telah membuka peluang kepada saya mengikuti pembelajaran dalam bidang ini sehingga tamat. Sistem pembelajarannya yang fleksibel telah membantu saya dalam merealisasikan cita-cita dan impian saya untuk mendapat segulung diploma.”

Siti Saidatul Azwa Mohammad Yusuf
Siti Saidatul Azwa
Former Student - KPAKK

“Terima kasih kepada keluarga & rakan-rakan yang banyak membantu dan memberi sokongan kepada saya sepanjang tempoh pengajian saya di KPAKK.”

Adriana Ako
Adriana Ako
Former Student - KPAKK


Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak was established with the mission to provide the community from the lower income bracket with an education opportunity set in a conducive learning environment.
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Vision Statement
KPAKK is dedicated and committed to producing teachers and child care providers who are equipped academically and who have the skills to nurture the young minds to reach its highest potential to become leaders of the nation and the world. Read more
Mission Statement
To achieve our vision, KPAKK will:
  • Create a conducive learning environment and learning opportunities where students can explore and experiment their understanding of their roles as teachers and child care providers.
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Formed on 20th October 2009 as 'Persatuan Bekas Pelajar Institut Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak', this ex-student body was the brainchild of KPAKK's ex-students from Cohort 1 following their first meeting that was held in the library of the college's first campus located in Damansara Perdana. Read more

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