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About Us


Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak (KPAKK) was incorporated in 2005 in line with the corporate vision to provide quality training in the field of early child care & education. KPAKK has for a long time concentrated on offering the Diploma in Early Child Care & Education not only to post secondary students but it is also offered to those who have a passion to nurture the young which includes teachers, child care operators, members of non-governmental agencies, civil servants and parents who wish to tap into their child’s fullest potential.

As a centre of excellence in the field of training and early child care and education, KPAKK strives to provide quality teaching and continuously investing in the state of the art facilities for our future early child care professionals.

Our home grown ECCE programs are built on the concepts and researches which we have carried out locally and internationally in order to incorporate the principles, values and our cultures into the curriculum. In line with our vision to provide quality education, we offer the most affordable and competitive fees. All our teaching staff members possess the relevant qualifications in early child care and come with years of industrial experience. We are committed to provide high quality educational programs and to develop the skills and knowledge needed in the industry. This is to be in line with the aspiration of the nation to increase the quality of the teaching profession.

Our Strength

  1. A community environment.
  2. State of the art facilities.
  3. A flexible study mode and provides clear pathways for a successful future.
  4. Minimum students´ class size for effective teaching and learning.
  5. Qualified and experienced teaching staff with proper qualifications in their relevant fields.
  6. The College takes great pride in knowing all students’ names and providing an intimate learning environment.
  7. The courses are designed to be market driven. Students can easily gain employment after their graduation.
  8. The College has an affordable fee structure.
  9. The College is strategically located in Damansara and is easily accessible via public transport.
  10. 10. The College provides a wide range of student support services.